Random Acts of Kindness Can Change Someone's Day

Ottawa Random Acts of Kindness Can Change Someone’s Day

Being pushed beyond our limits last week with 3 weeks of a city held hostage after weeks of almost total lockdown was too much for this restaurant owner in the downtown core. (redzone) When Hugo was focused on opening his restaurant Si Sinor, on Rideau the giant snow fall with no snow removal to be had, saw his anger soaring and a sour heart taking root for everything.


Then out of nowhere, a man with a plow stopped and dug him out without asking for anything. Hugo was instantly transformed into tears with a heart overflowing with gratitude.

Sharing his experience on Facebook resonated with many and the love started flowing in. There were orders for food, money being sent to buy meals for others and loads of support.


​Still basking in the outpouring of support, Hugo offers free burritos to those in need, the police and anyone hungry on Family Day. With all the donations and contributions from the restaurant, Si Sinor is able to feed 150 people. 


506 Rideau St

(613) 608-5561